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Provocative and insightful, this eclectic, inspiring, and beautiful book will open your eyes to the remarkable link between nourishment and spiritual awakening. Filled with ancient wisdom, practical advice, intriguing personal anecdotes, vibrant ceremonies, and original dishes lavishly illustrated with color photographs, the Mystic Cookbook brings to life a wealth of recipes and a myriad of experiences from places as far-reaching as Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, France, North Africa, and India as well as from mystical, legendary, and mythic realms. In Denise and Meadow Linn’s extraordinary book, learn little-known secrets about the food we eat and how it can mystically transform your life!

• The Secret Alchemy of Food

• Spiritual Food for Spiritual Breakthroughs

• Magical Meals to Open Your Chakras

• Mystical Meals to Trigger Past Life Memories

• Secret Ancient Traditions to Invite Spirit to Dinner

• Time-Traveler Meals

• Step-By-Step Recipes to Activate Your Spiritual Path

• Sacred Hospitality

• Unlocking the Secret Messages in the Meals You Eat

• How the Color of Your Food Affects Your Consciousness

• Meals for Transmutation of Matter into Consciousness

• How Your Beliefs Affect the Way Your Cells React to Food

• Savoring Your Life and Sensuous Eating Experiences

• Sacred Wine—from the Ordinary to the Extra-Ordinary

• Program Your Nocturnal Dreams to Gain Recipes from Spirit

• Magical Meals That Can Activate Abundance, Success, or Love in Your Life